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Are you involved in a dude feud? 

Did one of your friends violate the bro-code? 

Did a guy you know break one of the man laws?


Put up your dukes! 

Conflict, aggression, and fighting are a part of being a man. There is no doubt that a quick punch to the nose makes a powerful point, but violence really isn't going to solve your problems. In fact, it’s likely to create more. 


No need for fisticuffs?

The dudes at offer alternative dispute resolution for men. In short, bring your feuds, arguments, disagreements and other unresolved issues to us and let the well-hung jury resolve your dude feud. 



We will give both sides an opportunity to present their case. The dudes will hear your points, analyze the evidence, and give a clear VERDICK on who we think is right so that you can get back to being buds. We will also determine punishments and issue sentences if warranted. 


Bury the hatchet 

Not only will you receive a clear and concise verdick and justice, but the winning party will also receive a free hatchet courtesy of


Get your VERDICK today

The world is working to divide us. Let’s not let easily resolvable problems come between us gentlemen. To bring your case in front of the well-hung jury email

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