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You Are What You Eat

“I eat because I am unhappy and I am unhappy because I eat…”

~Fat Bastard

For far too long I have ingested a steady diet of crap. I eat McDonald’s and Taco Bell. I drink soda, alcohol, and coffee with sugar and cream. I crush pints of Ben & Jerry’s I like the Grave Digger crushes Buicks. The only vegetables I eat are fried broccoli bites and those within the sauce on my favorite pizza. I am addicted to caffeine and pre-workout energy drinks even though they never lead to exercise.

I also ingest a steady diet of politics, nonsense podcasts, mainstream media, and bullshit conversation. I avoid my own thoughts and immediate surroundings. Instead of feeding my brain and body with high quality foods and content, I do the opposite.

As a result of ingesting crap, I have become crap. I am overweight. I look terrible. I am miserable. My brain is foggy. My mood-swings are next level. I do not feel good. Perhaps the most frustrating part is that I know the solution. I understand the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a healthier lifestyle. I have been a man operating on all cylinders. I could run 6 miles and complete the monkey bars. I have had six pack abs. My mind has been clear and motivated. My emotions were in check. Things were good; they were great.

So then why do I allow myself to be this way? The answer is because crap is easy and cheap. Crap offers an almost instantaneous perk. It is a quick hit of happiness. It is an escape; a drug to feel good. It offers protection from reality even if it is delusional itself. Essentially, I am choosing to prioritize feeling good in the short term over the potential of feeling great in the long term. I am literally self-sabotaging what could be my best years of life. I am a man of a million excuses pretending to be a man with a million answers.

Imagine meeting yourself six months from now. As opposed to saying that you were sorry and regretted what you’ve become, would it not be better to give yourself a high five and discuss how great you have been doing and how much better you feel and look?

If this resonates with you, let us work together to do better. It is time for me to be the man I am pretending to be. You too

I understand. I am here for you. I will lead by example. This is my promise to myself and this community.

Shields up

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Briman 266
Briman 266
Mar 07, 2021

Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy!

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