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The Problem With The Internet (part 2)

Unlimited information does not lead to enlightenment. Unlimited information leads to confusion. The internet has been designed in a way to allow people to profit from the turmoil it creates. In fact, it incentivizes it.

So we’re screwed?

Who knows. In the past, our advances in technology have lead to a more efficient and favorable system taking the place of the previous one. But, how do you replace or upgrade the internet?

For all of the grandiose promises the internet offered in its infancy, it’s most lasting gift has been to further nationalize our world view. Instead of rising against the idea of tribalism by demonstrating that we are all human simply doing the best we can on this floating rock, the internet has made us hyperaware of our theoretical perfunctory differences.

As our national view takes root and begins to bloom, we reflexively turn inward. We become consumed with the notion of self-preservation. Forget everyone else. As long as my kindred are taken care of, the rest of the world can go to hell.

Sound familiar? To me, this is the embodiment of the world we live in today. Our outlook of the future is bleak and folks are scared shitless about what lurks around the next corner.

Fear not, the universe (as far as I can tell) will not be coming to a screeching halt any time soon. Violence and war are at an all-time low. People are better educated and living longer more fulfilling lives than ever. Even society as a whole has become more accepting than any previous period in history.

The problem is, you would never know any of this if you spent your life believing everything you read on the internet.

Shields up.

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