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The Problem With The Internet (part 1)

The brutal undeniable truth about the internet is that it provides you with the information that you WANT, not the information that you NEED. There is an enormous difference between the two, and acknowledging that difference is paramount to our future.

Believe the earth is flat? The internet has you covered? How about, the moon doesn’t exist because it’s a hologram? Who doesn’t know that? Saved by the Bell was a vehicle for the Illuminati? Common knowledge, just listen to the apparent hidden message in the theme song.

See what I mean? No matter how ridiculous the notion, you can be assured that the internet will have a near-limitless source of material to back your belief. I cannot stress enough, how dangerous this is.

Another unfortunate by-product of the internet is that the supply of information available has DRASTICALLY exceeded the demand. What does basic economics teach us about this scenario? When the supply exceeds the demand the value of the item plummets. We literally view information as worthless. It is no longer a commodity, it has morphed into something we assume is part of everyday life.

Who can blame us for thinking this way and harboring the level of distrust we have? I can read an article today written by a board-certified doctor that states the Ketogenic diet is the proper way to eat. Tomorrow, I can read another article written by a different board-certified doctor that concludes the Ketogenic diet is a fad with more harmful side effects than perceived benefits.

This type of contradicting information fries your brain and causes you to check out. I mean honestly, if you cannot find a reliable source of unbiased information, then who gives a shit? The only thing our efforts have yielded is the creation of a cynical and jaded individual who is even more polarized than when they started.

To Be Continued...

Shields up.

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