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The Internet Fukken Rocks

The dudes at Verdicks believe in discussion, fairness, and alternative points of view. The following piece is in response to our previously published two-part series “The Problem with the Internet

The internet rocks. It has revolutionized and improved almost every aspect of human life. Innovation, inclusivity, ingenuity are all made easier by the internet. It has flattened the world. It is the users of the internet and their intentions that are the issue. That is a lot of words that begin with the letter “i”.

It is the intention and capability of the user that matters

Imagine the internet as a fully-stocked kitchen. Imagine that kitchen has every appliance, tool, and food type available. One could use that kitchen to carefully prepare nutritious and delicious meals to improve their health, generate income, maximize creativity, and bring people together. The internet is the same.

One could also use that kitchen in negative ways. You could use those tools as instruments of death. The same ingredients can be combined to make poisonous brownies. The knives can be used to inflict injury. Instead of making a beautiful meal to share with a table of friends and family, the kitchen can be used to create gruel. We, as humans using the internet, have the choice of gourmet or gruel.

I am not denying that there are volumes of contractionary and even wrong information on the web. People are misled and misinformed every day. Confirmation bias happens. However, let us not ignore there are also volumes of vetted, peer-reviewed, and accepted even universal truths on the web too.

Guess what? The same search engines and algorithms that lead people into black holes of nonsense works in the opposite too. If you seek good sources, follow decent people, search for cool shit, have a balanced diet of information, apply critical thinking, use the web responsibly the internet can enrich your life.

My feeds are full of positive news, reliable and replicable scientific data, cool products for men 40yearold men with a little cash and an interest in the outdoors. My “friends” and connections are a diverse group each with their own opinion and experiences- all who add value to my life or present an opportunity for me to learn, encourage, or practice empathy.

The internet rocks in simple ways too

  • Need a flux capacitor for your 1982 DeLorean? Check the web.

  • Want to play GO but you don’t have anyone to play with? Log on and try playing the artificial intelligence DeepMind

  • Have a family member with an unknown disease? Have a virtual consultation with an expert from the other side of the fukken planet

  • I dare you to watch a video of a child hearing their own voice for the first time and try not to cry

  • Connect with your loved ones whenever you want, no matter where

  • Create an entire platform with your friends. Offer opinions, product reviews, advice, dispute resolution and product reviews all in the name of self-improvement and good will

There is no user manual for the internet. If there were people would not read it anyway. However, it does not mean that the internet is a problem. Some see TikTok as a waste. I see it as a collection of human creativity and potential. Perspective and personal responsibility matter.

We challenge you…

Curate a better internet for yourself and teach those around you how to do the same. Take responsibility, seek fair and balanced information, consider both sides. Enjoy some chaos and nonsense; just do not overdo it. Fill your feeds with people, information, products, and ideas that add value to your life.

Shields up.

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