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The Difference Between Working Long vs. Working Hard

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

To start, perhaps we should define work:

Work is an activity performed in order to create something that has a lasting value in the market.

Pretty simple right? So, what’s the difference between working long vs. working hard? Simply put, hard work has an inherent risk attached to it. Long work virtually assures success simply by showing up and working the lengthy hours.

Both types of work are essential. The farmers, factory workers, and skilled laborers who embody the stamina and perseverance to perform these long hours are a vital part of society. In fact, their “long work” is often a precursor to hard work later on down the line.

Hard work, on the other hand, is scary because there exists the real possibility of failure. Hard work requires dedication that extends well beyond simply showing up. Failure to commit or failure to act could result in your demise.

The ultimate lesson in this short piece is that no matter how many hours you put in towards your “long work,” you will NEVER reap the rewards of hard work. The benefits of hard work are exponential and long-lasting, whereas the benefits of long work are linear and short-lived.

So take a moment to reflect. What category do you find yourself currently existing in? A tip of my hat to you if you can honestly say you are working hard. You are certainly the minority and your efforts should be celebrated.

If you said working long, what’s stopping you from switching teams? Lack of expertise? Lack of knowledge? Fear of failure? Whatever it is, I challenge you to grab that obstacle by the balls and show it whos boss. Be willing to leap and prepare to thrive.

Until next time…

Shields Up

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