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Taking Out Your Trash

For me Friday is ‘Trash Day’. It is a chance to rid my home of refuse and garbage that has been accumulating from the week before and to clear the cans for the week ahead. Drag the cans to the street, they are emptied, and made ready to accept new trash.

The system works perfectly except when you 1) have too much trash compared to can/bin size or 2) forget to drag your cans to the curb to be emptied. When you allow trash to accumulate beyond capacity or choose to hold on to your trash too long, the system fails. Stay with me….

Friday is also the day that my closest friend group participates in our weekly Zoom call. It is a chance to discuss, in a meaningful way, any issues that we have been dealing with on a personal level. Essentially, this is an opportunity for me to take out my personal trash. Yes- this makes my friends the garbage men…but they are garbage, and they are men, so it is fine. They openly accept my shit and I do theirs. It is detritus therapy.

There are many forms of personal trash. Personal trash may be anger you are harboring towards someone else. It may be frustration with yourself for not sticking to your diet. You might be avoiding having a tough discussion with a loved one or your boss. You may have been mistreated or even abused in the past. Personal trash also includes those throw-away thoughts, wild ideas, impractical concepts, snarky comments, and silly stories that make up your inner mind.

This personal junk all ‘has to go’ for the system (a healthy mind) to function properly. Far too often we allow our personal trash to accumulate. Sadly, many people are not lucky enough to have a place to dump it nor garbage friends to collect it.

For some the piles of personal trash manifests into piles actual trash. Take the hit A&E show Hoarders. It is obvious that the subjects of the show are unable to break free of mental trash. In reaction, they slowly burry themselves in physical garbage…kind of like a feces-filled forcefield. The truth is that they are human beings who are struggling with an issue. They need help to empty their mental and physical trash.

If your personal can is getting full, take out your trash. Ask someone if they have space for you to vent. Reach out to a friend and family member and tell them what is happening. If it is too heavy, seek a professional who can assist.

More importantly, if you can bear it, help someone reduce their garbage. Reach out to those around you. Keep an eye out for someone struggling. Many times, people just need a place to put some stuff.

If you need someone to talk to; hit us up at


Dear neighbors,

A note for taking out the actual trash… It is common for people to take their trash to the curb the night before the trash is to be collected. However, if there is a windstorm or other heavy weather please wait until the next morning. There is no need to have your leftover pizza boxes and credit card bills scattered all over the neighborhood when can easily wait until the next morning. Crisis adverted with common sense.

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