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RANTS- Opportunistic Price Gouging

If you are unlucky enough to have Xfinity/Comcast as your internet/phone/cable provider, you most likely have recently been made aware of their “new” policy whereas their previous (unlimited) internet data plan was changed to allow you up to 1.2 TB of data per month. Any usage beyond that point would be subject to additional costs. According to the representative that I spoke to if I was concerned about exceeding this limit, I could always opt for their new, unlimited data plan…..gee thanks. Here are my thoughts on this new conveniently timed change to their already shitty system.

I did not agree to changes in my data usage. I already pay an exorbitant amount for high-speed internet and unfortunately Xfinity has a monopoly in my area as there are no other service providers available. I also question the timing of this change in the middle of a global pandemic that has forced children from their classrooms and workers from their offices, giving us no option but to work from home, utilizing the internet that we already paid for.....this is assuming that I was lucky enough to remain gainfully employed and able to provide internet service to my home. Seems a little opportunistic does it not? I am sure there will be a terrible reasoning given (there was when I talked to a representative); however, this is gouging, pure and simple. This does not go toward maintaining an infrastructure and improving your systems....Xfinity already increases my rates yearly for that (which I am sure also covers the cost of purchasing naming rights to sports arenas, dining and entertainment experiences like Xfinity Live, and building skyscrapers to house luxury hotels like the ones in center city Philadelphia)....preying on people at their time of greatest need is a scumbag move and I'm sorry that I unfortunately have no other option. What would Xfinity suggest that I do (aside from finding more money to give them)? Should I tell my children that they have to alternate their online learning days to lessen the conveniently timed data cap? Perhaps I will tell my boss that I cannot attend the important zoom meeting with valuable clients because it is my wife's turn to use the internet for the day? Fuck you, you fucking chodes.

Weapons up!

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