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Purpose Trumps Motivation

I recently started David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me. One of the first things that struck me was David’s belief that “motivation” is complete bullshit. Excuse me? I had been lead to believe that motivation is everything. To be motivated means I possess the reasons to act in the positive way I desire. Entire careers have been made with certain individuals getting extremely wealthy all based on their ability to inspire. Am I just now realizing that I have been bamboozled into buying into the motivational snake oil?

I guess so...because what Goggins says makes total sense. Motivation is temporary. Purpose is constant.

Let’s put that into perspective. Have you ever watched a Rocky training montage? Hell yes, you have! (If not, lose my number.) How does that supercut of Stallone doing the most ridiculous exercises and kicking the ever-living shit out of a punching bag set to the synthesized musical marvels of the 80’s make you feel?

Awesome right? In fact, maybe you got your ass up off the couch and decided to bang out some pushups. Good for you! You were motivated as hell to get active. I am sure you were so affected by those 5 minutes of video that you decided to do the same thing tomorrow. Tomorrow led into five days a week. Five days a week transitioned into a life long commitment to your health and well being. Right?

I am going to go out on a limb here and bet that your active streak started and ended that same day. Why? You were motivated, but you lacked purpose. A sudden brief spark of inspiration to get active is not the same as purposefully working out to ensure that you are capable of staying healthy for your loved ones.

A simple case of the Mondays is enough resistance to prevent you from being motivated to carry out your goal, but having a purpose gives us the clarity to overcome and the ability to blow through any finish line.

Shields up.

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