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Know Your Self Worth

I have often heard Tim Ferriss state, that when he is asked to be a part of a project, if his initial reaction is not a resounding “hell yes” then the answer is a hard no. It turns out that this concept was first introduced by entrepreneur Derek Sivers in his book Anything You Want. Both Tim and Derek apply this methodology to their respective business endeavors, but what about implementing it in relationships?

Why would you choose to be with someone who is not excited to be with you? If they are not excited to be with you now, what do you think will change to make them excited to be with you in the future? Why in the world would you work so hard to convince someone that you are worth their love, their attention, and their time?

Should you have to convince someone that you are worth worthwhile? No! Absolutely not! How do you think that relationship is going to end? Happily ever after? Try again.

Know your self-worth. Have some self-respect. A happy, healthy, long-term relationship requires both parties to be an indisputable, unmistakable, and unconditional “hell yes” about being together. Otherwise, it’s a fool’s errand that will inevitably lead to anguish and regret. Trust me.

Shields up.

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