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Fulfillment Vs. Achievement (part 2)

We have already talked about the process of achievements. The life long pattern of taking your dreams and goals, making them real, and the importance of honoring the journey in between. We have that down to a science.

Living a fulfilled life, however, is not science. It is not something that you can reach out and touch, take back with you to dissect and examine, and determine what actions yield maximum gratification. What fulfills you could be an absolute bore to someone else. Therefore, fulfillment is an art. An art in which we must paint our own canvas with the colors of our individual happiness.

Tony Robbins says that the two cornerstones of fulfillment are to GROW and to GIVE.

If we as human beings never grow as individuals, we can never be fulfilled. Things like:

  • never learning from our mistakes

  • never seeking to better ourselves

  • staying in unhealthy relationships

  • keeping jobs we hate

  • never learning to effectively communicate

All of the items listed above are death sentences in your quest for fulfillment. It is easy to picture the vicious trap of miserableness by living out just one of the noted examples. Your world will play out like a carrot on a stick, constantly dangling in front of you. Everyone else appears content and full while you struggle alone hungry and empty. All of this a direct result of an inability to grow.

Giving refers to serving others. If your goals are only self-serving, you’re missing the point. Goals that only benefit the self are short-lived and fleeting. Like we talked about before, this type of goal has a short lifespan. The nature of this type of goal is to be born, be realized, die, and be reincarnated to a higher level.

Goals met that serve others can create a legacy that can transcend even death. The Barstool relief fund is a great example of this in current times. The initiative spearheaded by Dave Portnoy is a true selfless endeavor. The businesses he has helped save, have created a lasting legacy that will transcend his time on earth. The byproduct of this initiative is that Dave and his team live a more fulfilled existence, having touched so many other’s lives in a positive way.

What are you waiting for? Start working on your cornerstones and lay the foundation to a fulfilled life and remember success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

Shields up.

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