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Do What You Love

This short piece resonates deeply with me as it is being written during a week where I am getting literally buried at work. I am talking DESTROYED. Like, update your resume I am not putting up with this shit anymore bad. I am burnt out, exhausted, emotional, irritable, and plain old angry that this is the world I am forced to exist in at this current moment in time. Add to this that because of COVID and world events, the past few years has been a depressing never-ending nightmare and you have the perfect equation for someone that despite their efforts is just defeated.

In times like this, the importance of spending more time on things that actually matter and less on things that don’t creates an anchor in a sea of chaos. Time is finite. Managing it well exemplifies that possibilities are endless.

As a society, we channel so much of our existence into things we don’t want to do. Whether it be thinking about how we don’t want to do those things or actually doing them, we make ourselves miserable. STOP!

Instead, think about the things that you WANT to do. What do you want to see, experience, or take part in? Write them down. Some of the items on your list will be large undertakings, but I think you will be surprised to learn that there are a lot of things on the list that you could easily start today! As you work your way through your list, your mind, body, and soul will start to remember what it is like to enjoy life creating a more positive and hopeful outlook on the future.

In order to do the things that you love, you will literally have to create time. It is easier than you think. Stop being unmindful of your time. Are you going into the workday without a clear concise list of the things that you need to accomplish? Are you starting to plan your weekend Saturday morning? If this sounds like you, your mindlessness is holding you back. Thinking about time BEFORE you are actually in the moment will allow you to ensure that the time that you have is spent properly.

Time truly is precious. Are you treating it with the respect it deserves? If not, at the end of the day, you are only doing yourself a disservice. You deserve better. You got this. We believe in you.

Shields Up!

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