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Decisions NOT Conditions

Tony Robbins says, "It is important to remember that life is always happening for us, not to us." There is a distinct difference between the two ways to view life. One opens your mind to look for the benefit of any situation or hurdle thrown at you during your journey. This mental approach to life allows you to witness the beauty that is our existence and ultimately a life of happiness. The alternative to this view opens your heart and head to jealousy and self-pity. The universe is your mortal enemy. If you were Batman then the cosmic energy in the world is Joker, constantly scheming to make your life a living hell seemingly motivated for reasons you will never fully understand.

The choice is yours. It is your decisions, not your conditions that dictate your present and your future. Knowledge is power, but in the end, even knowledge has to be converted into action. Making the most educated decision today can have a dramatic impact on your current path and possibly, even more importantly, the manner in which your journey comes to an end.

Unhappy with your salary? Change it. Unhappy with your job? Find a new one. Unhappy in your relationship? Get out of it. Frustrated with your health? Time to take action. Not tomorrow. Not after you check Twitter, NOW!

Shields Up

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