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Conducting Your Own Personal Performance Review

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

This may come as a surprise, but you are your own one true boss. Trust me, it’s true. That other individual that you “report to” at work, is simply that. Someone you report to. To dive a bit deeper, if they are doing their job correctly they may be your leader. If not, they could simply be a dictator, but that’s another conversation entirely.

What you considered your boss does not manage your day, your actions, or your responses. They do not manage how you educate yourself, how you talk to yourself, or even how you perform. YOU DO. You are the boss of you.

So, what kind of boss are you?

If the person you reported to:

Sat in their office and wasted days away...would they last?

Communicated with you the same way you have an inner monologue with yourself...would you stay?

Refused to invest or develop you to further your career...would you be successful?

Chances are you responded with a resounding NO for each scenario. Then how come as your own boss you continue to put up with so much of your own bullshit?

Until the next time…

Shields Up.

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